About Us

Founded in 1981, Beryl Davis has been a leading player in the international PPE industry for over three decades. It has since established three global corporate offices, in England, China, and Israel. Right from the start, we have made excellence and safety our top priority: our cutting edge designs, top-of-the-line Research and Development teams, and utilization of the most technologically advanced materials available have enabled us to create products which adhere to the strictest of standards.

Beryl Davis specializes in excellent quality and innovative Personal Protective Equipment, ranging from high visibility gear to flame resistant clothing, from work clothes to sportswear. Our innovative textile division ensures all fabrics are of the highest quality, and implement the newest and best technologies available today. Special attention is given to the safety and security sector, where precision and experience is key.

The BD advantage:
The ability to design and develop own branded raw materials to suit.
A highly skilled & Professional textile engineering Department 
A Highly skilled design team to ensure new innovative products.
An ability to be flexible to the requirements of the market 
Diverse Manufacturing bases to ensure a sustained competitive edge
A revolving programm of product innovation & development.
An enthusiastic and experience team ready to apply themselves to your requirements.
Quality control systems that ensure consistency of finished product
Highly efficient manufacturing processes 
Highly qualified logistics team to ensure prompt deliveries
With specialty and regular production lines in Israel, China, India  and Ethiopia, Beryl Davis offers custom-made products, tailored to meet customer needs.